Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rapid Response!

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So we were on our way to church this morning. We were travelling down 320th when all of the sudden, the traffic came to an abrupt stop. The other lane was moving, so cars started to merge and soon enough, we could see flashing lights ahead. After a few more cars had moved, we could see that they were yellow flashing lights. Yellow, that was odd, we thought.

Soon, we were able to move over, and darn it -- we didn't have a camera ready. There, stopped in the lane, doors wide open, lights ablaze. And there on the curb, graffiti covering in progress!

Sad that we missed it, but I just imagined him driving around the town looking for graffiti, spotting it with an eagle eye, slamming his foot onto the emergency brake while simultaneously flipping on the yellow lights before exiting the vehicle so quickly he was on the curb, paint roller raised before traffic behind even realized he was stopping. (No, they didn't even waste time pulling around a nearby side-street, so focused on getting it covered quickly!)

Kudos, Federal Way!



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