Monday, September 17, 2007

Car Theft: A Federal Way Story

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The week before last, my friend had his car stolen off the street in front of his house. He called the cops, reported it.

A week later, he was going to a store. The parking lot was crowded and he ended up parking his truck out a ways. As he's walking to the store, he sees his car parked there in the same parking lot.

So he calls the police. They say it's not an emergency so they're not sending anyone out. He poses the question "What if they come out of the store?" They said that he should call back at that point. He figures that if he called then, that they'd be gone.

So he gets in his car, pulls it further into the space and then parks his truck so that you wouldn't be able to get the car out. And then he gets out and waits nearby. No one ever came out of the store, so he finally gave up and got both vehicles home.

The happy ending was that he recovered his car, it wasn't damaged and the only thing missing were some golf clubs and some cologne his wife hated. (We asked his wife if she also hated that he played golf, but she said she didn't mind.) So, happy ending "no thanks to the police," he noted.


Anonymous said...

hey what parking lot, my car was stolen on thursday from seatac mall parking lot

James said...

Sorry to hear it! Where in the Federal Way Commons parking lot were you parked when it was stolen?

I know his was stolen from right in front of his house, but I'll try to find out where he recovered it if I see him tomorrow at church.

Anonymous said...

I was parked twenty feet from the front door of Panera Bread right during the lunch rush in broad daylight!!!

Anonymous said...

parked in front of panera bread... any word where he found his car?


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