Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dumpster (242)

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Originally, the rules said I wouldn't take photos of non-stationary objects (cars, dumpsters, etc.) unless it could be proven that this was the location where the graffiti took place. This is a dumpster, but it's been sitting in the same location, with the graffiti on it for many, many, many months now. And it's probably a safe bet that this wasn't painted elsewhere and then delivered here by the garbage company. It was probably tagged onsite and no one's ever covered it over. (go to the map)

Signs (241)

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At the King County Library on 320th. (go to map)

Sign (240)

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(go to map)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What's News in Federal Way -- Sept. 25, 2007

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Federal Way voters will get chance to go with strong mayor
SEATTLEPI.NWSOURCE.COM (9/24) -- Federal Way voters are going to decide whether to change the city's form of government to a strong, elected mayor. King County elections today validated petitions calling for the strong-mayor initiative. More...

Foster mother pleads guilty to assaulting child
SEATTLETIMES.NWSOURCE.COM (9/24) -- A woman who burned her foster daughter's tongue with a heated fork, beat her feet with dumbbells and stuck a needle into the girl's eye several times pleaded guilty today to three counts of assault. Chornice Y. Kabbelliyaa, who also goes by the last name of Lewis, pleaded guilty in King County Superior Court to one count of first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault for her treatment of her cousin and foster daughter. Kabbelliyaa, 34, of Federal Way is the girl's cousin and had been her licensed foster mother since the girl was 5 years old. More...

Fast-moving car-pool lanes tough for turns
SEATTLETIMES.NWSOURCE.COM (9/24) -- A Kent woman says she and her husband don't see eye to eye on use of Highway 99's recently completed car-pool lanes in the Federal Way area. Those lanes are outside lanes, and anyone can use them for right turns, such as turning into strip malls and other businesses or at intersections. More...

Korean culture takes the stage
THENEWSTRIBUNE.COM (9/25) -- Hundreds of people watched break dancing, a drum dance and other forms of Korean culture performed Saturday in a Federal Way mall. More...

Free Staged Reading of "Baby" (PDF)
CITYOFFEDERALWAY.COM -- In conjunction with Theatre of Puget Sound's FREE Theatre Week, the Knutzen Family Theatre is presenting a FREE staged reading of this hilarious play about a baby who forgets his pre-birth training and is completely overwhelmed by adults from birth to the first birthday. Thursday, October 18, 2007, 8:00pm More... (PDF) (Map)

A Review: St. Croix -- Sometimes quiet, always Dangerous
APARTMENTRATINGS.COM (9/23) -- Almost everyone in this almost 300 apt complex has pit bulls. I was told a year ago that all of those would be out withing two months. With pit bulls, comes large feces, lots of barking,and the entire mentality of having pit bulls these days-- CRYSTAL METH! More... (Map)

Sports roundup
FEDERALWAYNEWS.NET (9/25) -- Federal Way came away with a big win in the South Puget Sound League North Division opener for both teams. The Falcons took control early with a 7-0 lead, but the Eagles came soaring back with 37 unanswered points. More...

Beamer blows away Rogers, 9-0
FEDERALWAYNEWS.NET (9/25) -- Todd Beamer High School rolled its girls soccer juggernaut right over the Rogers Rams, 9-0, at Federal Way Memorial Field Thursday. The Titans improved their South Puget Sound League South Division to 4-0-0 in South Puget Sound League South Division action and ran their overall record to 6-0-0. More...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A slight adjustment

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Even though I suddenly found myself at a loss for words when asked what the future of this website would be the plan all along was to eventually broaden the scope to cover not just tag kiddies but all of the stuff that makes up Federal Way, good and bad. At the time I chose the name, I had it in my mind a way that the name would still make sense. I guess I should have written it down as it escapes me at the moment.

However, in a fit of creativeness tonight, I did create a new graphic for the top of the site. And, more importantly, a second map. This second map indicates where in Federal Way news is happening.

One of the cool things about Google Maps in general is that if you're looking at a map, it will tell you when there is "user-generated content" available for the area you're looking at. So, this new map can highlight bad apartment complexes or historical sites to visit or whatever. And basically show you what's going on in Federal Way.

Future plans include better icons to distinguish different types of items and hopefully Google will introduce folders and/or sorting to their maps so that I can better arrange everything.

As always, a work in progress and an experiment. We'll see if it pans out. If it does, the next time you're reading about something on this blog happening at Federal Way High School, you'll be able to click a (Map) link and see where the news is.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's News in Federal Way -- Sept. 22, 2007

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DeVry sells Federal Way campus
BIZJOURNALS.COM (09/17/2007) -- DeVry Inc. said it’s sold its 102,000-square-foot campus in Federal Way and another campus in Phoenix for $28.4 million. More... (Map)

Vince's honors its 50 years of pizza lovers
SEATTLEPI.NWSOURCE.COM (09/17/2007) -- This is a real-life love story flavored with all the imperfections. Toss in some pizza for seasoning. Ada and Enzo "Vince" Mottola were childhood sweethearts in Naples, Italy... More... (Map)

Arts Harvest Reception (PDF)
CITYOFFEDERALWAY.COM (09/19/2007) -- Calling all Federal Way area artists! The Federal Way Arts Commission is seeking entries for its 15th Annual Arts Alive Juried Art Exhibition. The exhibition is designed to give regional artists an opportunity to publicly display their work. The arts commission will celebrate the exhibition and announce the three winners at its Arts Harvest Reception at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 2 at City Hall. Light refreshments will be served and the public is welcome.
More... (PDF) (Map)

Friday, September 21, 2007

It Takes a Village...

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The reports have slowed. I think this is a combination of efforts made by the city to crack down on the graffiti as well as no new reports from citizens in other parts of the city I don't regularly travel. I also suspect the shorter days and students back in school will also contribute to fewer sightings and thus, less frequent postings.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Car Theft: A Federal Way Story

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The week before last, my friend had his car stolen off the street in front of his house. He called the cops, reported it.

A week later, he was going to a store. The parking lot was crowded and he ended up parking his truck out a ways. As he's walking to the store, he sees his car parked there in the same parking lot.

So he calls the police. They say it's not an emergency so they're not sending anyone out. He poses the question "What if they come out of the store?" They said that he should call back at that point. He figures that if he called then, that they'd be gone.

So he gets in his car, pulls it further into the space and then parks his truck so that you wouldn't be able to get the car out. And then he gets out and waits nearby. No one ever came out of the store, so he finally gave up and got both vehicles home.

The happy ending was that he recovered his car, it wasn't damaged and the only thing missing were some golf clubs and some cologne his wife hated. (We asked his wife if she also hated that he played golf, but she said she didn't mind.) So, happy ending "no thanks to the police," he noted.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Neighbors' Property an Eyesore?

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The city seems to love posting PDFs on their website and then hoping you can find them. For your convenience, here's the text of a recent one. Find the original here in case you need to print out copies to stuff in a neighbor's mailbox. (FWG does not recommend stealing stuff from your neighbor's trash heap and recycling it yourself.)

Get a Jump on Fall
at the City of Federal Way Fall Recycling Event
Twin Lakes Metro Park and Ride (map)
Saturday, September 29, 2007
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

This program is only for household materials from King County residents. All service providers at the event have the right to refuse any materials they deem unacceptable. Sponsored by the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County.

Bring these items!

Refrigerators and Freezers - $10 each. Empty, please. NO commercial freezers (larger than 6' x 4').

Scrap Metals - Including appliances—stoves and hot water heaters. DRAIN GAS AND OIL FROM MOWERS. NO excessive grease, please.

Used Petroleum and Oil Filters - Do not mix any of these liquids together: Oil filters, Gasoline, Brake fluid, Transmission fluid, Motor oil, Kerosene, Diesel fuel, 2-cycle mix

Air Conditioners - Home air conditioning units only. NO automobile a/c units.

Bulky Tree Branches, Stumps and Logs - Tree branches and logs (minimum 3" in diameter). NO yard debris, such as leaves, grass clippings, sod, compost piles, vines, weeds, small twigs, garden waste. These materials will Not be accepted. Call Waste Management to subscribe to residential collection of these materials at 253-833-3333. (Sorry, no assistance available to unload stumps from vehicles.)

Scrap Wood Waste - Pallets, dimensional lumber, crates and plywood. Nails OK. NO painted wood. NO particle board. NO laminated wood. NO creosote or pressure-treated wood.

Clothing and Household Goods (Good Condition Only) - Small appliances in working condition—nothing larger than a bread box. Reusable clothing of all types, shoes, pots, pans, bedding, toys and books. NO items that are broken, torn, stained or wet. NO upholstered furniture, mattresses, built-in appliances or burned out BBQs

Batteries - Lead acid car, truck and marine batteries. Household alkaline batteries (AA, AAA, C, D), ni-cad rechargeable batteries and button batteries. Please sort large quantities.

Tires OFF THE RIM - Light truck, car, and motorcycle tires. Bias, steel-belted and studded will be accepted. No tires with an inner circle diameter greater than 18 inches. Limit of 6 tires per vehicle.

Fluorescent Tubes, Mercury and Sodium Vapor Lamps - Please, NO lighting fixtures or broken tubes. Double-bag accidentally broken tubes and take to the Household Hazardous Wastemobile.

The following items are banned from normal disposal, please do bring to event for recycling.

Computers and Monitors - Computer CPUs accepted. YES—printers, peripherals, and other computer equipment or supplies. $10 fee per monitor. CASH ONLY.

TVs - $20 fee per set. $25 consoles and oversized. CASH ONLY.

Electronics - Cell phones, printers, computer keyboards, mice and peripherals and other electronics.

What NOT to bring to this recycling event

Sorry, Do NOT bring:
  • paint, oil-based or latex
  • pesticides
  • herbicides
  • hobby or household chemicals

Take to:
The Household Hazardous Wastemobile at The Commons in Federal Way near Sears.
Call 206-296-4692 for details and dates, or visit

Sorry, Do NOT bring:
  • sinks or toilets
  • window glass
  • garbage or carpet
  • painted, laminated, treated wood or particle board

Take to:
King County Algona Transfer Station
35315 W Valley Hwy, Algona (map)

**Please cover your load!!**

Remember, on state highways and surface streets within the City of Des Moines, it's a ticketable offense to travel with an uncovered load.

Please load your materials in the order listed below.

Load in Your Vehicle First — Unload Last at the Event: Scrap Metal, Scrap Wood Waste, and Bulky Tree Branches, Logs

2nd — Refrigerators and Freezers, TV’s, Electronics, Fluorescent Tubes

3rd — Used Motor Oil, Filters, Antifreeze and Automotive Fluids

4th — Tires (off the rim)

5th — Clothing, Household Goods

Load Last—Comes off First: Batteries

Can't Make The Event?

Take these items elsewhere.

Motor Oil
CALL first. All have quantity limits.
  • AutoZone 253-838-0994
  • NAPA Auto Parts 253-838-1234
  • Schuck’s 253-941-2700
  • Joe’s 253-927-7180
  • B&B Auto 253-661-7222
Clothing and Household Goods
  • Goodwill 253-946-0447
  • Salvation Army 800-958-7825
  • Deseret Industries 253-839-9045
Valley Recycling Center
253-833-5431, 411 W Valley Highway S, Pacific (map)

Major appliances like washers, stoves or hot water heaters.

Recycle for a FEE at:
  • Major Brand Appliances 253-838-7056
  • Bob’s Maytag 253-661-5345
  • Bow Lake Transfer Station 206-296-4466
  • JACO Environmental 800-414-5072 (for home collection)
Recycle for FREE at:
  • Schnitzer Steel 253-572-4000 (no refrigerators or freezers)

For More Information:

  • Event Information
    City of Federal Way—253-835-2708,
  • Curbside Recycling and Yard Debris Services
    Waste Management—253-833-3333 or 800-592-9995,
  • King County Transfer Stations
  • Locations, hours and material information.—206-296-6542,
  • What’s hazardous waste and what to do with it
    Household Hazardous Waste Line—206-296-4692
  • Check out King County’s “What Do I Do With?” website ( which has up-to-the-minute information to help you properly recycle just about everything!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Long Fence (239)

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BPA Trail. One really long fence. (go to map)

Fences (238)

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BPA Trail - trailing leading into nearby neighborhood (go to map)

Fence (237)

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BPA Trail (go to map)

Retaining Wall (236)

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(go to map)

Utility Box (235)

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(go to map)

School signs (234)

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(go to map)

Utility Boxes (233)

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(go to map)

Fence (232)

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(go to map)

Fence (231)

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(go to map)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's New in Federal Way - Sept. 12

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I've been on vacation. I thought it would mean more time to search the city for graffiti, but I've ended up being pretty busy. (On the flip side, it's becoming harder to find new graffiti. I think headway is being made.) I do have some more to update.


Shell-shocked over eggings
At least five homes or vehicles were egged between Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. The vandalism all occurred sometime overnight. More at FEDWAYMIRROR.COM

Cameras in city's core can catch crooks
Federal Way police are one step closer to using surveillance cameras to catch criminals in the act as they commit crime in the downtown core. Police have gathered support for the Safe City program and plan to submit a grant proposal to the Target Corporation, which encourages and partially funds the program, by the end of this month, Lt. Mark Benson said. More at FEDWAYMIRROR.COM...


Notice of land use applicaton
Safeway on 320th - Gas Pumps and Convenience Store More at CITYOFFEDERALWAY.COM (PDF)

Determination of environmental nonsignificance
Federal Way Villages to feature 300,890 square feet of mixed use commercial, office and multifamily residential plus 94 townhomes. Don't miss all the required TIPs the city is requiring. More at CITYOFFEDERALWAY.COM (PDF)

Yellow left-turn arrows will multiply in city
On Sept. 4, the Federal Way City Council agreed to add more left turn on flashing yellow signals at city intersections. Federal Way now features one of these turn signals, installed in November 2006, at 9th Avenue South and South 336th Street. More at FEDWAYMIRROR.COM
New HOV Lanes Now Open on SR 99 in Federal Way

Countdown to safer crosswalks
"Wait," says a male voice loudly. Seconds pass before the voice announces "walk sign." Large, red numbers begin to count down, from 13 to 0, the time remaining for pedestrians to cross the street. More at FEDWAYMIRROR.COM


Federal Way Festival Days 2007 Photo Gallery
A little anemic, but here's a couple of photos. Courtesy of FEDWAYMIRROR.COM

Federal Way Comprehensive Plan
Money quote: Provide alternatives to Single Occupancy Vehicles to reduce their use, relieve congestion on streets (especially in peak hours), and provide more rapid movement of people, goods, and services on streets. This may include helicopter, rail, increased transit, park and ride lots, car and vanpools, telecommuting, and information highway products. Helicopters? Sign me up. Table of Contents, Section 3 - Transportation (PDF)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rapid Response!

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So we were on our way to church this morning. We were travelling down 320th when all of the sudden, the traffic came to an abrupt stop. The other lane was moving, so cars started to merge and soon enough, we could see flashing lights ahead. After a few more cars had moved, we could see that they were yellow flashing lights. Yellow, that was odd, we thought.

Soon, we were able to move over, and darn it -- we didn't have a camera ready. There, stopped in the lane, doors wide open, lights ablaze. And there on the curb, graffiti covering in progress!

Sad that we missed it, but I just imagined him driving around the town looking for graffiti, spotting it with an eagle eye, slamming his foot onto the emergency brake while simultaneously flipping on the yellow lights before exiting the vehicle so quickly he was on the curb, paint roller raised before traffic behind even realized he was stopping. (No, they didn't even waste time pulling around a nearby side-street, so focused on getting it covered quickly!)

Kudos, Federal Way!

Fire Hydrant (230)

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(go to map)

Utility Boxes (229)

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(go to map)

Utility Box (228)

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(go to map)

Building Exterior (227)

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East exterior

North face

This building has been vacant for longer than I've lived in Federal Way. I do believe some graffiti has been cleaned up, but a lot still remains. Seems like a prime piece of real estate. If I were the motel next door, I'd be annoyed by this vacant, fenced lot and like to see it turned into something more attractive. Seems like it's a big enough space to support a decent sized office complex or something. (go to map)


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