Thursday, August 9, 2007

Letter: Weak Messages from Candidates

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Weak Messages from Candidates

Congratulations on the TNT article in today's paper. I am glad to see you are getting your message out to the public, and I appreciate all of your efforts.

I was kind of disappointed with the two letters from the city council candidates. Stavney in particular sounded pretty weak. And Freeman says we need to be better "mentors" to the youth of FW? I don't think that is what the residents of our city want to hear from our potential city council members.

It seems that they think that graffiti is a force of nature, or a natural phenomenon instead of a deliberate criminal act perpetrated by those whose only desire is to gratify themselves by destroying the property of others.

I think the citizens of FW want to see decisive action taken on the part of law enforcement, and the city council, they feel helpless and overwhelmed and they want to feel that they themselves can do something to help solve the problem.

The people are fed up, and we don't want any more platitudes from our leaders, we want action and results.




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