Thursday, August 16, 2007

Letter: Please Encourage Volunteerism

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Please Encourage Volunteerism

I love the website, thank you for taking such an active interest in promoting our city.

Would you mind encouraging volunteering for clean up? I have had the opportunity to do it the last few weekends, in a city provided van and with city provided supplies. Every time I've been out, someone has stopped to thank me -- so there are many people who share our disdain for this behavior.

The city has a volunteer coordinator, as you probably know. Besides the part-time person, I know there are police recruits who have also been helping with the clean up efforts during the week. But there is a lot of work, and probably very limited budgeting.


Ed.: I asked CH if the painting would be limited to city property, or if you could borrow the van, take some paint and cover over stuff on business/personal property (with their permission). They respond:

Yes, that is correct. It does limit greatly the amount that you can get done.

The city does have property owner forms for private residences and/or commercial. But I think they city leaders are wrestling with the long term implications (expenses!) if they start cleaning up private property.

It is a bad situation for everyone, and I know the city hates to push the victims of the crimes to clean it up. But I think the fear is graffiti tends to encourage more graffiti. So quick clean up is critical.

Believe me, I really wish we could do private property. The F the police on the old Target building is the first one I'd clean.

I think the city is open to additional scheduled 'clean up days'... you may have had a part in the previous one. I did not, but it sounded like a success. I think in these events private property would be done, but the permission forms would have to be received before hand.

Thanks again for the interest. Hopefully increased attention will help us to win. I loved the comment on your blog from the police officer. Hopefully he/she was hinting at an arrest.


Ed.: I actually called the volunteer coordinator, got the voicemail, left a message, wanting to participate in the last one. Never heard back. When they reported in the FWM after the fact and quoted the police spokesperson Stacey Flores, I emailed him/her to say that I had tried to volunteer and never heard back and that I was interested in the next one, but never heard back from them either. The officer was probably referring to the events covered in this FWM article.



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