Sunday, August 26, 2007

BPA Trail

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The BPA Trail cuts right through Federal Way. Its course is defined by high voltage power lines that run overhead. Fortunately, someone had the idea at some point to make it into a giant park. A wide, paved winding path meanders back and forth under the lines, surrounded by trees, brush and in many places, blackberry brambles which are currently offering up many ripe and tasty blackberries. My daughter and I traveled the section from the Aquatic Center parking lot to where the trail crosses 1st and back, about a 1.75 mile trek round trip. (From crosswalk to crosswalk it's more like 1.85 miles). We met lots of friendly people out walking, jogging and riding bicycles. In addition to the paved path, there are a number of unpaved paths that branch out. At one point, I stopped and took photos in a circle. It was slightly overcast, but it's still a real beautiful area and with the exception of the power lines, there are points where the only sign of civilization is the paved path and you can't even hear any traffic. There are a few points where you can see houses in the distance and one place where the trail backs up onto an apartment complex. And there is one two steep parts in this section, but we managed it fine. It really is a beautiful area and I'm kicking myself for having never ventured out to it sooner. Not too many signs of graffiti, but there were a few, which I'll post soon. I really do recommend this wonderful, free, good-for-you attraction that cuts through the center of Federal Way.

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Anonymous said...

This is the same area we used to ride dirt bikes 35-40 years ago. It has really changed there.


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