Thursday, June 14, 2007

Olympic View Park

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Federal Way's "Olympic View Park" is a nice little park. It's a greenbelt with a paved path connecting two parts of the Twin Lakes area together. In the middle is a clearing with a nice play area for children. While there is some graffiti, there's also evidence of past attempts to clean up the graffiti in a nice way -- using colors chosen to more closely match the original wood, versus the typical beige slap and dash. I don't know if this is the work of a neighbor or The City, but they ought to be commended. The park itself was almost trash free and had a garbage can chained to a tree nearby. I picked up the few pieces of trash that hadn't made it into the can. The set itself is freshly painted and despite the graffiti looks very nice. Spray paint on the path also indicates that work will probably be done soon to repair areas of the path that have been pushed up by tree roots.

So not all of these are of graffiti, some are just to show how well this park is maintained, despite the graffiti.



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