Thursday, May 31, 2007

Graffiti or Not? Either way, pathetic.

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Wow, this is just embarrassing. Saghalie Middle School and Saghalie City Park with letters missing off the sign and some letters crudely spray-painted on. The City of Federal Way and Federal Way Schools ought to be ashamed.

Utility Box, near Taco Bell

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Near the corner of 21st Ave SW and SW 336th St by the Taco Bell

Cities wage high-tech battle against graffiti

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REUTERS.COM -- LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Global positioning systems (GPS), digital photography and computer databases are joining the humble paint can as U.S. cities battle to obliterate graffiti and catch its shadowy perpetrators.

"In the past, authorities had no way of keeping track of who was doing the damage in their city," said Tim Kephart, the president of Los Angeles-based Graffiti Tracker, whose systems are being bought by a growing number of American cities. More...

Color me slightly unimpressed - all you need is a GPS-enabled digital camera and a blog and you can do the same thing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Places Not Worth Caring About

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This is brilliant. A few bad words, but imagine how different the future of Federal Way could be if the powers that be watched this and really thought about what Federal Way's future should be.

Upcoming Federal Way Events

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This isn't graffiti, but here's some upcoming events in Federal Way. All links are PDFs.

Hooked on Fishing - June 9
Steel Lake Park Fishing Dock. Ages 2-12, $3.50/child. Catch-and-release fishing begins at 7 am and pre-registration is required. More...

2007 Outdoor Cinema Series and Summer Sounds Concerts - July 6-Aug. 31
Four movies (Fridays) and seven concerts (Wednesdays) evenings in the at Steel Lake Park. More...

Kids' Day - Wednesday, August 1
Ages 2-12, 2-8pm, Steel Lake Park. Free admission. Tickets required for some events. More...

6th. Annual K-9 Carnival
Saturday, September 15. Steel Lake Park. An event for dogs and their friends. $5 admission. Steel Lake Park. More...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not Even on the Map Yet

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On Hoyt Rd. SW in Federal Way there's a new community being built. So new that none of the houses are yet completed (some not started). But the retaining wall along Hoyt is done and it's been tagged five times. How sad.

Monday, May 14, 2007

New Sightings

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I spotted some more graffiti in Federal Way over the weekend, but wasn't able to get pictures yet. But I did add to the map. (Link at right.)

  • KFC on Pacific Highway.
  • Utility box in front of Arby's on Pacific Highway.
  • Fence on 320th. between 14th. and 21st. (bright blue)
  • Both sides of Group Health sign on 320th. near 6th. (black on one side, white on the other)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wall Art: Know of Any?

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THECOOLHUNTER.NET -- Cave men decorated their dwellings with drawings depicting the events of their lives. Mayans hacked their stories into the stone walls of their enormous structures, and the pharaohs' talented artists decorated pyramid walls with art celebrating the magnificence of the pharaoh. Michelangelo painted biblical scenes on the walls and ceilings of the chapels of his day. You get the gist - for thousands of years, humans have not been able to leave the surface of the walls around them untouched. More...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

3 More on 336th.

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I don't have photos yet, but I spotted three more on 336th. today. At least one is older. I'll add them to the map and go back and get photos later.


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