Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Have you noticed graffiti when you're out and about in Federal Way? Tell us about it!

Step 1: Check the map to see if the spot you saw has already been reported.

Step 2: Snap a photo. Finally, a use for those tiny pictures your cell phone takes!

Step 3: Send an email to federalwaygraffiti@gmail.com with the date and location of the graffiti, and a photo if you took one. (If it's already on the map but we don't have a photo, if you could take one and send it to us, that'd be just swell!)

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Trish said...

In response to James: Today I found graffiti on my fence, backing Dash Point Road. About a week ago, I noticed tagging being done on two business at the corner of 99 & dash point, as well as a new retaining wall on 99. Slowly, the graffiti was growing on these areas. Last night that graffiti grew by 1/4 mile. Watching it grow, any thinking person would know they'd be back, so I have to ask myself why the area wasn't watched.

So I've learned it's my job to clean it up. Wouldn't want to catch the brats and give them consequences. I'll clean it up, & they'll be back. The only thing I see the city having 'no tolerance' for, is home and business owners not cleaning up lawbreakers messes in a timely manner. I think I picked the wrong city to live in.

James said...

Sorry, I didn't see your comment until I came back to update this welcome message.

You did not pick a bad place to live. You picked a great place to live.

Until recently, our war on graffiti has been somewhat toothless. We've had some cover-up days, but it's just the beginning. There's now a part-time person who will begin to systematically target the graffiti.

But keep in mind that there's only one of him and 86,000 of us. Using this site (or some other method if the City doesn't like this site), we can all the eyes and ears and help to point out where the hotspots are.

As long as there are youth who feel they have no voice, we will have graffiti. But the minute we say graffiti isn't the right way to express that need to be heard, they'll be forced to find some other outlet (or go somewhere else to leave their graffiti).

And the way we make them realize this isn't the way to be heard is when we don't let it stay around. If they have to sneak around trying to paint something only to have it covered over a day later, they'll eventually find it's not worth their time.

So keep being vigilant!

Kevin said...

It goes like this. Graffiti as you all may know is a evergrowing problem in FW. But realisticly, do you believe that you can stop Graffiti? No. Look At New York, where "graffiti" emergerd from. Every Effort they have tried to combat graffiti has failed and even til' this day there are tags on the walls. FW needs to look at graffiti as something that isn't going to get up and leave our city. Why hasn't anybody suggested a way to barter with these graffiti artist. Graffiti will never stop. New kids are going to find new ways to get spray paint and markers and go write a name somewhere. Has anybody ever seen or heard of a "freewall" or "legal Wall"? It's a place with a big wall where kids can go and paint, tag, bomb or whatever they do LEGALLY! Why not give these kids a chance to express themselves LEGALLY?!? A freewall would be less money to build and maintain in the longrun rather then keep erasing the graffiti. A wall like this would in my opinion slow down graffiti very much. If You have any Qustions PLease feel free to E-mail Me at


I would love to discuss this issue and go into more details about a freewall.

Thank you.

K-e-v-i-n said...

how come nobody has replied to my comment yet? are you afraid that this might actually be a good idea?


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