Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Real Estate Sign, 336th. near 21st.

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This one's been around forever. It's near the corner of 336th. and 21st. Avenue. Seems like it would be very easy for them to come out and slap some paint on there, or they could have quickly tagged it with the neutral paint they used around town this past weekend. It's minor, but noticable. I say it's a "Broken Window" issue.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Fencing, 35th. and 343rd.

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Saw these on Saturday. My two-year-old thought they were marshmallows and ghosts. I first noticed them at least a month ago. You'll notice on the map that this area was still a vacant lot when the satellite photos of the area were snapped, so these properties are relatively new.

Volunteers battle graffiti with brushes

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Find out more
For more information or to get involved, call the graffiti hotline at (253) 835-2617. To report an act of graffiti in progress, call 911.

The Mirror
Armed with buckets and brushes, 75 Federal Way folks fought back against graffiti over the weekend during Operation Cover-Up.

On April 21, volunteers painted over graffiti on abandoned buildings, fences, sidewalks and utility boxes. They painted in shades of silver, putty brown, chocolate brown, gray and yellow.

Four locations were the focus of the effort: The abandoned Target and Toys ‘R’ Us buildings, Southwest 320th Street from 1st Avenue South to 21st Avenue Southwest, Southwest 340th Street from 21st Avenue Southwest to Hoyt Road Southwest, and 1st Avenue South through the city.

The areas were chosen based on citizen complaints and observations by a graffiti task force.

“This is where the majority of the problem is,” said Stacy Flores, police spokeswoman.

Over the weekend, the group removed “a huge portion” of the graffiti in Federal Way, Flores said. She wasn’t sure what percentage of the total graffiti was covered.
Although there are no specific dates planned yet, Flores said the graffiti task force will host similar clean-up efforts in the future.

Contact Margo Horner: or (253) 925-5565.

Thank you
On behalf of Operation Cover-Up, police spokeswoman Stacy Flores thanks the following groups for volunteering to paint over graffiti: City of Federal Way employees, the Federal Way Explorers, Todd Beamer High School students, Federal Way Church of the Nazarene, World Mission TaeKwonDo, Panda Express employees and other community volunteers. Paint was donated by Costco, Home Depot and Sherwin-Williams.

Garbage Can, City Park on Lake Kilarney

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This the cover of a trash can. People have felt the need to scribble their names all over the top of it with thick Sharpies or something. Very minor on the whole scheme of things. But, frankly, I'm not seeing the great masses of graffiti in this city that people are claiming.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Utility Box, SW Campus

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Utility Box, SW Campus Dr., Federal Way. (Not only is there graffit, but they could stand to be realigned -- they're all crooked and the cover seems to be open on the one with the graffiti on it.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back of AMPM, 320th. and 99

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Back of AMPM, 320th. and 99

Thanks for the links!

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Thanks to Romulus who's picked this up and mentioned us on his two blogs (here and here). Makes me feel all the more guilty that we don't yet even have any photos on here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Operation Cover-up: April 21

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FEDWAYMIRROR.COM -- On April 21 (Earth Day), volunteers will have the opportunity to paint over graffiti with paint donated to the city by the county. To volunteer, call (253) 835-2652. More...


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